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1. Will you be submitting final grades for students?
2. Will you be submitting final USNCC grades for students?
3. Will you be updating tuition rates for your institution?
4. Will you be updating the course catalog for your institution?
5. Will you require access to TA usage reports?
6. Will you be posting degree completions for your school?
7. Will you be requesting physical access to a military installation?
By submitting this request I understand the following:
The supervisor added to this request is indeed your immediate supervisor and false documentation will result in denial of future request.
Supervisor confirmation of work duties selected and verification of employment is required within 7 days of outreach from staff.
The system will lock me out for inactivity after 30 days (DOD Regulation). It is recommended that I set a reminder to log-in every 30 days to avoid log-in issues.
Federal law prohibits the sharing of username and passwords used to access government information systems.